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Haradrim Warrior painting guide

Ok so here it is guys, im so sorry for the delay, but i had LOTS to think about during the holiday!But anyways - Ba ba bam is a plane? NO is it a bird? NO , its Hürins Haradrim warrior painting guide(random applause). Unfortunately i havent got all of the new colors, so its gonna be kind of a mix of old and new.

Colors you will need -
 Unfortunately i havent got all of the new colors, so its gonna be kind of a mix of old and new ;)

Scab red
Tau light ochre  (new paint, much like bronze flesh)
kislev flesh
Graveyard earth
Scorched brown
Ultramarines blue
Bestial brown
Dark flesh
Burnished gold
Blood red
Blazing orange
Shadow grey
Karak stone (new color almost the same as the old komando khaki)
Abaddon black
Shining gold
White scar

Washes you will need
Asurmen blue
Devlan mud
Badab black

Time to start, but before you start you should prime the model, either black or white. I use black because it makes the model look more realistic and not too shiny :)

Paint the outer garments & cloak Scab Red.

Add Ultramarines Blue to the sleeves, trousers and scarf.
Then use Shining Gold on the armor, and the neck-armor + the arm/handguards.
Then paint all of the bandages inclusive those on the bow with graveyard earth and the wood of the bow in Scorched Brown.
Paint the quiver with Dark Flesh and the quiver straps Bestial Brown  (also the one strap on the chest of the figure).  Afterwards paint the edges of the bindings/bandages on the bow with Desert Yellow and paint the arrow wood Desert Yellow. Also paint the arrow feathers white scar and give them some Badab Black wash
 (i forgot in the picture but painted it later ;)
Next you paint the bandages on the legs and arms with Karak Stone. Paint the edges and lines as if you were highlighting and remember to think of how much paint you put on the pencil - it looks best if you are able to see the darker color in the cracks. 
Next highlight the top of the folds on the cloak with a 50/50 mixture of blood red and blazing orange.
Remember to do the same as before, this time on the front garment -highlight top of the folds. Same 50/50 mixture of blazing orange and blood red.
Then highlight the top of the folds of the ultramarines blue painted scarf, sleeves and trousers with Shadow Grey :) 
Paint the skin with Tau Light Ochre.
Paint the skin again, this time with Kislev Flesh.
Now apply Asurmen Blue wash to the blue garments and the armor. It gives the armor and garments a really neat matte look, which is ideal for the later highlighting :)
Then use Badab Black wash on the cloak to give it a much darker and used look.
Paint small stripes up and down the wood of the bow to give it a more tree'ish look.
Use Badad Black wash again, this time on all of the bow and then give the bandages on the garments  some Devlan Mud wash and also give the skin Devlan Mud wash. I always try to give the Harad figures some darker skin because they hail from the south. I perosonally think the combo of the 2 colors and the wash makes their skin look great!!
Now to the higlighting. Highlight the armor with burnished gold. Then paint the bone tips on the bow with white scar and shade them down with some Badab Black wash. If you want to, you could also highligt some of the already shaded down blue garments. I usually highlight and shade a lot of times until the look fits me. But you really have to figure out your own painting style and techniques.
The last thing we need to paint is the eyes. Start by making two small dots with white scar.
Then make two black dots with Abaddon Black and give the eyes some Devlan Mud wash to make the eyes look more realistic on the figure.

Yaaaaay! Now you are done and have a well painted and battleready Haradrim warrior ready to play!! Thx for reading and Enjoy your new year!


Well painted and ready for combat

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