Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Return of the King (me/Hürin)

So, this is my first post on the blog, (HURRAY) and I am a very big Tolkien fan (of course) i re-saw all of the Vlogs from The Hobbit: ''An Unexpected Journey'', yesterday and was yet again reminded of the awesomness of Tolkiens universe. It was a week or so before the premiere, and i realised that i had to start painting, modelling and gaming Lotr Warhammer again, which i hadn't done for half a year almost (too long). I thought of all the thousand painting guides, forum, blogs etc on the internet and thougt to myself, why, I could make one? And so i did, and here it is - Welcome, Welcome Readers and trolls to Hürins great blog of Lotr/The hobbit warhammer!! I hope you will read this blog, and please be kind it is my first one ;) - Share with your friends if you like and please write me what you think :)!!

So in all the excitement I went to GW's homepage and viewed all of the Lotr miniatures (many of them new to me). Then i went to the paint section and became VERY dissapointed :'(

 Since i last painted Warhammer GW had changed all the names of their colors and added new kinds like glaze, dry, technical etc etc (I being used to basecoating followed by washes) Being dissapointed i realised that it might be pretty awesome actually :D After all, more kinds of paints means - better painted miniatures - which means i can develop my painting skills even further!

I grabbed my Lotr army case, which is filled with Lotr warhammer and nothing else ;) found the figure i had painted last time (It was a Haradrim warrior) I studied the figure for some time and came to mind what i should paint different and which changes to make:
The ''new'' color scheme. I changed some of the colors fx: Regal blue changed to Ultramariens blue (trouser) - higligted them with Shadow grey, painted the armor shining gold - highlighted with burnished gold and of course i used some washes.

The original Color scheme painted half a year ago.Used some dark colors for the clothes and some brigther colors for the armor and bandages.
Thanks for reading fellow Lotr table top gamers :) I hope you liked this intro to the blog, and please come back next week, when the painting guide for the ''New'' Haradrim warrior color scheme is posted!! (The one on the first picture)


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