Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend update

New Hobbit figures

So i just saw the new hobbit figures! Really love the great eagles especially Gwaihir! So awesome that you can get plastic eagles in stead of the old ones in metal! Also loving the Golloum figure with the boat. The Bilbo figure is cool too but should have had another stance after my oppinion and another paint job :) Feral wargs are also cool but looks a little bit too much like warhammer fantasy wolves. I like the normal wargs much better!
 Heres a link for you if you havent seen them yet:


Another thing is that this week i got hit with the flu :( and im still sick. So i have been home from school and just bored out of my mind... So i decided to paint a figure i dont usually paint, not a warrior or a normal figure but Gollum! I used some different skin paints and some codex grey and shadow grey for the little cliff and here is the result :)

When the painting was done i applied some pva glue to the base for some watery effect and then used some army painter but i havent used any anti shine yet :)


Last night i got bored again and decided to make some terrain for my figures. I ended up making a rocky hill. I used some white foam and pva glue. Cutted it into a rocky shape and then used some sandpaper to make the surface more soft. The last thing i need to do is using some polyfilla and make some grass and sand etc etc...

Haradrim model for size comparing

New figures

A friend of my brother works in our nearest hobby store named Faraos cigarer. A really nice store with lots of wargames, live role playing gear and such. One day he was at work emptying trash bins and found some figures in the bins that he gave to my brother and me! It was 2 blister packs with the sealings broken. One with 2 Morannon orc captains and the other with a Cave troll which makes our total of cave trolls in our collection 3! :D Really nice getting some new figures which should be fun to paint! Looking forward to painting and modelling them with my brother :) Pictures will be posted when they're done. 

2 Orc captains and one Cave troll

This was just a little update for you and all for now, see you some time next week! Probably gonna make a lot of stuff while im sick!! Hope you enjoyed and remember to SUBSCRIBEEEEE!!!

-Best regards Hürin